Artist Biography:
George Gerasimenko
Hometown : Rostov-Na-Donu (Rostov on the River Don), Russia

George underwent classical Russian art training at the prestigious Rostov-Don Art Academy.  Russian
art academies employ rigorous schedules and thorough training in all forms of art styles and
techniques.  A typical day begins at 7:00am and lasts until 9:00pm.  Artists attend school five days a
week for six years of training.  These intensive art schools are very elite; accepting only the best
applicants.  Because of the expansive rule of communism in Russia, George's art education included a
heavy concentration on realism.  As a result, George is well respected for his phenomenal portrait art.  
His portraits of people and pets are known for emphasizing the very essence of each subject.  They are
said to capture the soul through the face of the individual.  

George is also known for his assortment of colorful landscapes and cityscapes.  From Portofino to
Provence, he has been inspired by the beauty of classic cities all over Europe.   His bright palate is
particularly skilled at recreating glimmering bodies of water.  His paintings of lakes, coastal cities, and
ports catch the eye of skilled art critics and laymen who happen upon his work alike.  

For his whole life, George has supported himself and his family with his work.  He wakes up everyday,
and paints.