Artist Biography:
Sergey Sevostyanov, born in Tashkent in 1958, attended Penzenskoe Art
Academy.  Russian art academies employ rigorous schedules and thorough
training in all forms of art styles and techniques.  A typical day begins at 7:
00am and lasts until 9:00pm.  Artists attend school five days a week for six
years of training.  These intensive art schools are very elite; accepting only
the best applicants.  

Sergey Became a member of International Federation of Arts and national
Artist’s Union of Russia.. Sergey has been well recognized for his particular
style and personal technique.  He took more than 25 years of refinement to
perfect his method.  Sergey’s colorful, expressionistic paintings are mainly
inspired by contemporary landscape scenes.   After 25 years of attention to
detail, Sergey’s paintings continually standout to viewers and many are
charmed by his distinctive style.  Sergey’s work was included in the
prestigious 2004 Art Exhibition of Moscow.  

Sergey lives in Moscow with his wife and children.  His wife and daughter are
also both artists.